Sunday, 13 July 2014

A good weekend (just briefly)

I have had a good and a constructive Saturday, and a slightly less constructive Sunday. 

Saturday, I ran the washing machine, had croissants, nectarines and decent coffee for breakfast, did some random shopping, had lunch out, did some more sorting and tidying at home, cleaned the bathroom, had a nice cool shower and a good supper, watched "Serenity" and went to bed.

Today I completely failed to do a software-related thing online that involves knowing what you are doing and what software you're running.  I am a pig-ignorant hick and know neither, so I got nowhere.  Then I had a long depressing telephone conversation with my mother, who is having some very unpleasant leg problems, and after a late lunch came a somewhat better afternoon.  I stuck my creative cap on and hauled it down firmly over my ears, and got some writing done.  Not very much (maybe 1500 words in the end) but that's a lot more than nowt.  I also mucked about on tumblr and facebook and looked through Fantastic Mrs Fox's lovely photos of the Chap Olympiad (which looks a lot more fun than the real thing, I must say).  And now I'm off to bed again. 


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Not some enchanted evening

It’s the afternoon, and 
It’s a quiet moment, and
Your eyes meet
Just for an instant,
Then you both look away.
It’s that moment, across
A crowded room
That leaves you
Why did I look away? - and
Why did you?

Monday, 7 July 2014

Just quickly

I'm moved (oof), I'm a good way towards being unpacked (OOF) and I now, with a little help, have internet access at home again.  Hurrah, I progress.  I'm pretty tired, mind you; but I progress.