Monday, 1 December 2014


Just very quickly.

Work has been hectic, the last few weeks.  November is a busy month anyway, with the run-up to the Christmas programme, plus the exhausting World Travel Market.  I promptly went and added to the demands on me by adding one of my own and signing up for NaNoWriMo.  I didn't "win" it, but I'm 36,000 words into a new story, which I wouldn't have begun at all if I hadn't decided to try this.  So that's not bad for someone who's been fairly run off her feet.

I've also done most of my Christmas shopping and seen some excellent ballet and dance and a very good (if sad) play, and completed a couple of small projects at work, as well as doing all the day-to-day sales things.

On Friday I finally reached my longed-for spell of annual leave, the one that was postponed from September.  I really am very tired, and I went to pieces rather on Saturday; did virtually nothing except play with the kittens and go to the laundrette, and had a nap in the afternoon like a convalescent.

And so to today, and packing a suitcase, for tomorrow at silly o'clock I am off to Cyprus for a week.  Holiday!  It's warm and sunny out there and I have a bathing costume, a couple of fat novels and a couple of notebooks.  Bliss.  Have a good week!