Wednesday, 3 September 2008

An idea? Wednesday lunchtime... again...
I am thinking of setting up a postal project - obviously for Kew people we could use the internal mail, which while erratic is at least free - anyone else would need to use the old-fashioned postal post.
Basically, the idea this: A sheet of A2 paper, marked up to become sixteen sheets in an A5 book, circulates among sixteen people, and each one paints/draws/collages/knits/sews/prints/rubs in dirt/sticks on a photo/sticks on dried plant specimens/or whatever else you feel inspired to do; doing this onto one of the sixteen marked "pages". When it returns to me I fold, cut and stitch it along the marked divisions to make the first eight leaves of a little book, then start a new sheet doing the rounds. If more than sixteen people are interested then more sheets can be in circulation... or more could circulate anyway, who knows? Would anyone be interested in participating? You could do anything from a quick sketch or daub or gumming-in a picture to doing something elaborate. You could write if you prefer. Whatever you like. If you're busy, rush it through - if you're out of work, take advantage of the leisure time - if you're on holiday or on a field trip, do something inspired by your surroundings... you name it, stick it in. If you can't do anything at all, just pass it on and ask if you can have it back later (if you want it back at all, that is). Just don't hang onto it for months - it will work best, I'm guessing, with either a quick turn around or a quick pass-on.
Put a comment on "comments" if you are interested (and give me an email if don't have one for you) and I'll get in touch.

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