Friday, 1 May 2009

Another Friday...

...and I am knackered again. This has been another painfully hectic week. Thank goodness another Bank Holiday weekend is now upon us. If only they came this frequently all year round.

Going to go home, via Sainsburys to buy muesli, yoghurt, fruit juice and (in case you are reeling at my healthiness) a pizza and some booze, and flop in front of the lap top and do some writing. The Play (read story)'s the thing, wherein I'll - on second thoughts never mind... I know what I'm trying to say but can't mangle the words even of poor Shakespeare, infinitely variable though they are, to fit my wilful posturing...

I think what I'm trying to express is a desire to get out of myself and into another place, although as it is a place within my own mind it isn't really outside myself at all. But it is outside this office and the copious stresses of this really very unimportant job. Heavens, I'd never have made a doctor, I'd go insane, either with anxiety or rage, over every patient.

Hope all are well out there in the universe. Have a wonderful May Day eve!

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