Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's still early morning to my befuddled brain...

There are times when nothing will do but a strong black coffee. It's nearly mid-day, but I slept appallingly (no idea why) and I still feel three-quarters asleep. Tea just won't hit the spot. Sometimes you've got to have a hit of solid, onyx-coloured caffeine-heavy black coffee.

When I did get to sleep, I had a really weird dream. My mother, my stepmum and I were travelling by Space Shuttle to Southampton - for my wedding. My third wedding; in the dream-world I have been married and divorced twice. First husband's name was apparently Julian, and second husband's name was Carl. This is crazy. Julian and Carl? I have never known anyone by either of those names.

Irritatingly, I don't remember the name of Number Three, the husband-to-be! And I woke up just as I was walking into the wedding venue, so all I saw of him was his back. Bah humbug. He was not very tall - my own height at most, indeed to be frank probably a little shorter than me; he had light brown hair and perhaps unsurprisingly he was wearing a smart dark suit. Description ring any bells with anyone?!!

If I had just dreamed of getting married, I wouldn't be bugged by it; it's a bit of a cliché dream for a single woman, true, but hardly difficult to interpret. If I had just dreamed of going up in a Space Shuttle, that wouldn't bother me too much either - we were weightless at the top of our trajectory, a wonderful sensation, and it strikes me as a great metaphor for the experience of a brief total freedom from the world.

It's dreaming I've been married before - twice before - I just don't "get" that at all. What on earth can that be a metaphor for? I can even visualise them, these two ex-husbands of mine! - Julian is fair, sweet-faced and rather wet-looking, Carl is tall, dark and capable, curly-haired and rather handsome. Who or what do Julian and Carl represent?

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