Monday, 4 October 2010

...and a good weekend

One very constructive weekend later:
I have mended my broken doorframe – admittedly my father and grandfather would have chuckled at the bodge-job I’ve made of it, but at least it is nailed in place again now instead of hanging loose and tripping me;
I have turned out all my winter clothes and put away all my height-of-summer clothes;
I’ve turned out the linen shelf (since I was turning out the rest of the cupboard anyway);
I’ve also cleaned and put away my sandals and got out all my winter shoes;
Cleaned my bedroom floor;
And planted about half my spring bulbs, in the rain - getting very muddy in the process.

What a bunch of early-autumn jobs!

I have a touch of backache today, as that was a lot of bending and stretching and crawling around on my knees. Now I’m off to find a bus to Brentford and have tea with a friend.


miss*R said...

yes a very constructive weekend.. but don't put all those winter woolies away.. the way the weather is these days, you never know if it is going to be hot or cold!
hope the back is feeling not so sore xo
[my package arrived today ~ thankyou xoxo]

Imogen said...

It's the winter woollies I'm getting out; autumn here, and a wet and windy one so far. I always keep some lighter things out all winter in case of mild days, anyway. I've noticed a lot in recent years that my really heavy-duty wollies get less usage; last year was the first proper wintry winter in a decade...
Back okay again today - in time to do rest of bulbs this evening!
Glad the wee package arived.
Take care!x