Thursday, 16 February 2012

Things could be a lot worse...

I've been feeling more awake and more compos mentis today.  And it's a good thing, because I just had a 'phone call from my elder brother, who is feeling completely dazed and discombobulated after falling on a wet floor at the sports centre, on the way out of a badminton match, and breaking his left wrist.

Big Bro has been pretty healthy and very active all his life (not like me, then!).  He's only been an in-patient in hospital once, and that was just for day surgery.  He's never had a plaster cast before.  He sounds distinctly as if he's still in shock.

I've been where he is now, and anything I can do to help him, I will.  But he has to do most of it by himself.  Family and friends can be a big help, but no-one can take away the pain, or give you back the endless nights of poor (or no) sleep.  Poor bloke; and because he's several hundred miles away I can't just drop everything and go straight round after work tonight, because I wouldn't be able to get back the same evening, and I have to be at work again tomorrow. 

It certainly reminded me of how much worse life can be than just taking a week to get over an anaesthetic, though.  Poor old Steve, he doesn't deserve this.

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Annie said...

Hi Imogen

I hope you're feeling a bit less discombobulated by now. Sending warm thoughts & get well wishes to both you & your brother.

My friend & I decided to see the 'sans Simon' Figaro at ROH. Lucas Meachem was good but, he wasn't Simon, which sounds silly but you know what I mean. We would love to go to New York & see The Tempest; my friend was wondering if they needed help with the painting … If I win the lottery I'll fund an SKInfo office outing to the Met but we might have to fight off Janet & Petra for which bit of Simon we paint.

I do have lots to look forward to though. Next is the WNO Figaro at Birmingham Hippodrome & then it's St Matthew Passion at King's College, Cambridge. My favourite bass, Lukas Jakobski, is singing the arias & I'm getting goose bumps already.

Hope your medical situation hasn't affected your music plans & hope your new job is going well.

Best wishes from Annie