Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Might do this - what do you think?

I’m thinking of launching a second blog. 

No, not re-launching the joke one I started and then scrapped when I realised the joke was too singular for general consumption (botany/lechery fusion humour, anyone? – no, I thought not). 

No, this would be a very occasional blog, for very occasional updates of – well, creative writing.  That stuff I keep gabbing on about but never show you.

It will have to be “subscribers only”, and anyone who wanted to see the contents would have to sign-up in response to being invited by me.  No charge!  I don’t do that out of any mistaken impression that I or my writing are of any importance, at least to anyone other than me and my friends; it’s just a security thing.  I don’t want to stick it in the public domain, completely unprotected.  But I’d like to be able to let those who want to see it do so, without having to dispatch horrendously long email attachments to them which they then never get around to printing out. 

However, if you’d be interested, or just fancy a laugh, remember I need an email address in order to send you an invitation.  So if you don’t get an invitation from me when you would have expected one, a) check your spam folder, and b) send me your current email address, just in case I don’t have it. 

The plan is for the first item up to be a fairy-tale/ballet mash-up called “Trouble with Bridegrooms”.  What happens if Dandini falls in love with Cinderella, and Benno falls in love with Odette, and the Prince wanders off into the forest and finds a completely different story altogether? 

If that makes you want to chuck, then ignore the new blog, and retain your lunch, and be happy! 

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