Friday, 14 December 2012

Anyone want a laugh?

If you'd like a slightly peculiar read for the weekend, or for the Christmas break, drop me a line.  Chapter one of "Gold Hawk" (at least, draft version 2 of "Gold Hawk" - further revision may yet occur!) is now available for Reading Group review purposes. 

So - would you like to be in my Reading Group?  Get in touch if so.

It isn't quite that simple, actually.  I need to trust that you aren't some kind of weird, twisted sort who will pinch my magnum opus.  You would need to be seriously weird and twisted, I'll grant you, since this story isn't nearly classy enough to be really worth stealing.  It's fairly frivolous stuff with no pretensions to literary quality - think Avengers/X-men Fan Fiction, filtered through a distorting imagination, and you're close to home.  But I'm allowed a bit of creator-paranoia, I hope. I don't want to be plagiarised; not even of my lightest matter.

Anyway, it pleases me to see chapter one revised and typed up and looking like a real story (instead of looking like a dog-eared A5 notebook filled with my best awful scrawl in black biro). 

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