Saturday, 4 May 2013

Something to watch out for...

... if you have Sky tv, at least.  Or if you live in New York.

A little while ago I posted a brief raving burble about Arthur Pita's superb contemporary dance adaptation of Kafka's "The Metamorphosis".  I've just seen that
a) it's going to be broadcast on Sky
b) it's going to tour to New York. 

More information here.

If you possibly can, see this production.  It's incredibly harrowing stuff, but is also one of the most brilliant pieces of theatre I've ever seen.  And Edward Watson is astonishing.  Believe me; I know I always burble, but these superlatives are more justified than I know how to express.

Meanwhile, it's a Bank Holiday weekend, yippee.  Frustratingly it's turned grey and showery bang on cue.  We had been enjoying a wonderful spell of settled, calm, sunny weather.  C'est la vie...

Kew Gardens is looking breathtaking as much of the early spring colour is still around while cherry and crab apple blossom, magnolias and rhododendrons are all blooming as well.  Trees are breaking into leaf faster than I've ever known them to; the horse chestnuts have gone in the space of about ten days from having their bud covers falling off and leaves just starting to emerge, to being in full leaf and coming into flower.  Just like that - boom, it's spring.  The bluebells are starting to appear in the Conservation Area and everywhere the air is shimmering with birdsong.  It's paradisal.  I work in paradise.

And I have groceries to shop for and a load of washing to run, and friends to meet, and chapter fifteen to finish (and chapters sixteen and seventeen as well).

Have a good weekend!

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