Friday, 2 August 2013

Haven't blogged here once for something like four weeks...

... and I feel I have been very remiss.  Over the last few months work has been pretty hectic, and when I’ve got home in the evenings I have tended to have some supper and then watch tv mindlessly or play about online.  I’ve written some fanfic and begun work a couple of new long original stories, but I haven’t made any progress on re-starting either of the two half-finished projects I was working on before “Gold Hawk” bit me last June; and although I have a fairly good “Gold Hawk” sequel outlined in my head, I haven’t started on that, either. 

So all my writing lately has been directed to the basically frivolous (albeit fun) activities of fandom.   I haven’t sent the pitch for “Gabriel Yeats” to anyone for ages, and haven’t even drafted a pitch for “Gold Hawk”.  And although I’ve been to the ballet and the opera and to Brighton and to WOMAD in Charlton Park, all of which have been tremendous, I’ve reviewed none of it.

And there’s been a heat-wave, which tends these days to leave me feeling as though I have raspberry jelly in my cranium instead of brain cells.

I’m going to try and get a grip on this.  Not on the raspberry jelly, but on the writing and blogging and generally making proper use of my brain and my free time.  I promise, I really am going to try and get a grip.  GET A GRIP, Ims!!

Feeling even more jelly-brained than usual this evening, having done a fairly busy day at work after being kept awake for most of the night.   I don’t know what the problem was, but there were about six blokes out on the railway line at about 2am, working.  They were shouting, and more importantly using some kind of metal cutting tool that made an appallingly loud noise.  They were there, using this tool, on and off till after 4.00.  The stretch of line was the bit directly opposite the flats and the din was appalling.  

All I could see in the dark was that they were wearing yellow flash clothing and that the tool one of them was using, the one which made this ghastly metallic screaming sound, also gushed out sparks.  I hope they weren’t stealing metal or something!  But thanks to them, I’ve had very little sleep – perhaps three hours in total, and I've felt frankly shitty for most of today.

But TGI, it's Friday!  Time for a quiet glass of wine with my supper, and a bit of lazy tele...

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