Tuesday, 29 April 2014

In the distance (2)

The second time I saw you
Go by in the distance
You were with friends, and smiling.
I hung back, bowed my head;
I didn't dare so much as
Look up, lest you should see me
Watching you.  I stared
Down at my lunch as though
That salad fascinated me.

Yet seeing you smile brings
A smile to my lips also,
And knowing you are happy
Makes my serious heart
Glad for a moment.

But if you had wanted
My smile, to lift your day,
You might have glanced my way
And seen nothing, save
Averted eyes, and a dark head
Bowed down; you might
Have seen not inadequacy
But blank indifference
Focussed on lunch.

What kind of friend am I
If too shy to smile
When I see you go by
Happy, with your friends
There, in the distance?


Anonymous said...

Sadly, once the friends departed, so did the smile. Alas, it was of the painted variety, though definitely not a cowboy job. Next time you see me, please come and say hello.

Imogen said...

Oh, ms or mister Cryptic, why hello again! I'm sorry to hear that - a painted smile can become uncomfortable, goodness knows.

And I'm also even more thoroughly confused now. I guess you like to discombobulate me, eh?

How about YOU come and say hello to ME, next time you see me?

Not that that will guarantee the avoidance of confusion, will it?! - since people do tend to say "hello" to one another quite frequently... We'll have to have a code or a secret handshake or something. I'll think of something. Leave it with me.

Meanwhile, have a good bank holiday and enjoy a break from work. Look after yourself and I hope you find some things to smile over for real!