Monday, 18 May 2015


I know it's a bit redundant to say this when I haven't posted anything for over a month, but this is just a quick one tosay I am off at crack of dawn for a week's holiday.  Going to be slightly different to any holiday I've had in my adult life, as for a change it's important I still stick to my diet, instead of letting myself take a holiday from that as well.  But my BG readings have been good, and pretty steady, for the last few weeks, and my weight is much better than it was a couple of months ago.  So I'm fairly confident that I can keep healthy in Crete.  Yay, Crete!  Mountains and sea; and if the forecast I've seen is at all accurate, good, calm weather.  I have a sketchbook and a notebook and a couple of novels to read.  I have two bathing costumes and plenty of sunscreen.  I have healthy snacks for the plane. 

I have pre-flying jitters, too, but although I know how silly that is, they are a regular visitor at this point before any holiday.

I wish anyone reading this a good week!  I'll be back on Tuesday 26th.

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