Thursday, 29 January 2009

Poetry, anyone?

Just a quick note to say - if you are that way inclined - Richmond Magazine is running a poetry competition on the theme "A Poem for Kew". So if you write poetry, or are inspired to by the idea of winning a joint Premier Friends membership of Kew for a year, have a look:
Details are on page 9.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to a poetry-sharing team blog, by the way?


bcritchfield said...

By the way, is a great place to post your poetry, either in written, audio, or video format. To see how one poet is using YUDU, check out this blog post:

Good luck with the competition!

Imogen said...

I can't enter the competition, since I work at Kew. Having seen some truely awful poetry inspired by the Gardens in the past I'm hoping to raise the usual standard a little by adding my tiny extra bit to publicise this!