Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Out into the dark, over the snow...

... but luckily there are no fallow fawns in the Gardens.

Just quickly to say I'm back in London after getting stranded at my mother's down in Kent by the weather for the last two days. My journey back from Canterbury to Ealing yesterday afternoon took over 5 hours instead of the more normal 2 1/2... And we're having power cuts at work. At the risk of sounding like a tabloid newspaper reader, what is it about this country and snow?!

Everyone I met as I made my stately onward way was friendly and in many cases astoundingly patient, pretty much without exceptions, despite total chaos and a breakdown in communications across the rail network that made Kew look efficient and communicative. The modern mythology of the Dunkirk Spirit stands us all in good stead, I think, in times like these. We stood our ground, we hung on there, we weren't defeated; just cold, tired, confused and hassled.

Going home to the laziest supper I can make, a stiff drink and a bar of chocolate.

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