Friday, 27 February 2009

The following Friday...

Well, another week at work winds along to its weary end (excuse the alliteration, coming upon me unawares…). I managed to drop out of the clinical trail before the official end – hurrah! – & over the course of the week my insides have slowly calmed down. I am now almost back to normal, digestively speaking. The search for new digs has not yet been fruitful, but I will go on and try not to get depressed about it.

Last night I saw “Das Leben der Anderen” (I hope I’ve spelled that right) and “Defiance” at the Riverside Studios. Both were excellent, and complementary to one another as Riverside’s film couplings usually are: A tense and intelligent thriller, brilliantly cast, moving, and deeply scary in places – but psychologically scary, not blood-&-guts scary; and an exciting action movie about a group of Jewish partisans in WW2, edge of the seat stuff with the wonderful Liev Schreiber stealing every scene he is in – by damn, he is a good actor!

Very, very tired, though, as I wasn’t in bed till nearly one a.m. Typing appallingly; if you could see the number of times I’ve gone back and corrected this... I’ll go home tonight and do some more appalling typing, I think. I’m about halfway through the revising and typing-up of “Ramundi’s Sisters”. Slowly slowly, as my dear Christian Scientist paternal grandmother used to say… The new piece has hit a sticky spot and I am scratching at it in my head, but getting nowhere as yet. While I wait for it to come unstuck, it’s good to have another project on the boil. I can wait - it’ll come. Slowly, slowly…

Sadly, I'm not sure how, I seem to have alienated the one official "Follower" of this blog. What did I do? Where did you go? & Will ye no come back again?


Anke said...

If I was the follower, Blogger changed its terms and conditions, making all followers suddenly anonymous.

If it wasn't me, hello! Now I am.

Imogen said...

hello back, old friend? How are things going with you in sunny (or not) Polska?