Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter in Canterbury - photostory


Gondal-girl said...

Lovely pics Imogen, looks like the start of spring.

Imogen said...

Given the merry old dance the Great British weather has led us of late, one can't be sure... but I will display my natural optimism and say "It is! It is!". Spring, that is.

Lavanyamayi said...

Hi Imogen, it is very funny this web world as you can google anyone. If you are the same Imogen Dent i knew you when we were very young, maybe in junior school,my memory is pretty vague but i always remembered your name and that i went to your house once or more, my name is Lis Clifford, dont know if you remember me, i went to St Stephens junior school, maybe it was there we knew each other as i am sure you did not got to Frank Hooker. Any bells ringing??, some people just don't have that type of memory. Anyway i had your name in my head all these years, a unusual name no doubt and i googled you today and there you were, and i read a short bit of your blog, not really into blogs my self, but the bit i read was the bit i needed to read because it was the bit about surrendering to Jesus. As i now live in a temple and am slowly surrendering my self to the Supreme personality of Godhead, Krsna, this subject is so up my street, Jesus is a beautiful devotee of God, no doubt, but we have a individual relationship with God, as an eternal servant in love and and devotion and Jesus will only take us so far as his teachings were for a specific time and place. Oh i have no more space to write. My email address is if you do remember me and would like to say hello. Best wishes Lis.