Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Frustration with the technological revolution that is now (or not)...

I bought a gadget that is supposed to enable me to download photos from my mobile 'phone - this would have been, for me, a major stride forward into the twenty-first century, technologically speaking. Except that I then found I cannot download the required free software from Nokia that gets it working, because my computer at work is too old and cr*p to take it.

Well, I suppose I was probably breaking all sorts of protocols anyway, in trying to download free software from Nokia onto my work computer. But bah humbug even so. I had taken a bunch of silly pictures in Canterbury on Easter Saturday, of quirky sights I came upon as I went through the town, and I wanted to put them here - a few more pictures would probably lighten this very verbose site up a bit, don' you think?

Had a wonderful Easter break at my mother's - I love my family! - the weather was fine and we went for long walks by the sea and played long scrabble games in the evenings, and simply enjoyed talking to one another about everything under the sun.

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