Wednesday, 19 August 2009

About to go forth and try not to make a fool of myself...

It's quiz night, again. I am going to eat some bread and hummous on a bench on the Green and then go and try to make myself useful on someone's team at the pub quiz at our local, The Botanist On Kew Green.

It's been an odd week so far. I come into work and chug through jobs, already taking it almost completely for granted that I feel normal and healthy again. Yesterday I had a stiff leg all day, which was peculiar and by the end of the day pretty damned irritating. If I could have remembered why, it might have been easier to cope with. It reminded me of Anke's friend's blog entry about "I'm a single leg" - & yes, I've made that mistake too!...

It's a glorious sunny afternoon, though, with a sky of immaculate bathroom-wall blue, so I'm going to get out of the office and into that sunshine for a wee bit, while it lasts.

Best of luck if you're on a different team in the quiz!

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