Monday, 24 August 2009

A good read; a good Saturday night; a good evening for walking

By a long and convoluted route I have just discovered this
A link to the website of one of my favourite recipe books. Whatever your opinion of Mennonites or of the West trying to consume less of the world's resources, the "More-with-less" cookbook is a fascinating compendium of mouthwateringness from the American Mennonite and Pennsylvania Dutch communities. And the recipes work. I thought it was out of print, but it seems I could not be more wrong. Hurrah!

Had an interesting saturday; I went out with K., who was struggling to get over N., again, after the two of them getting back together and splitting up twice more since mid-June. We had a picnic, were asked to hide our wine by a very friendly police officer (Haven Green is a "controlled drinking area"; I didn't know that. Did you know that? K. didn't either), went on after that to a noisy pub where some blokes tried to pick us up, then on to another noisy pub where different blokes tried to pick us up and we danced a lot as they had a disco, finally at midnight I put K. on a bus home, me tipsy, she very, very drunk, and did Beyoncé impressions on the pavement in order to set her off laughing as the bus drew away. My Beyoncé impression is truly appalling; I have my uses, and maybe making people laugh (when they are very drunk) is one of them.

Having crept into philosophical mode with regard to the loss of my bicycle, I'm now going to creep all the way home on foot. Luckily it's a fine, sunny evening, and I do enjoy walking too...

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Teri C said...

Thank you so much for your explanation on my Blog of the conjoined Susies!!!!