Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mad activity everywhere - sadly mad in several senses...

Well, it's all been happening (except when it hasn't) over the last few days. I had a great trip to a Prom that was marred only by having The Smelliest Man in London sitting beside me. I cleaned the whole house. I made personalised muesli and a great curry. I went to a super exhibition of Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs at the Courtauld Gallery. It was a good weekend.

Then Sunday and Monday, great swathes of London rioted, and burned and looted one another, including in an area barely two streets from where I used to live. Two streets away from where I currently live, everyone got boarded up and braced for trouble, only for there to be none. But what an appalling business it all was. I'm not going to try and make any profound statements; I'm totally unequipped and unqualified to do so, and also still too stunned by the whole thing. I've had to reassure my mother repeatedly that I am okay and am not going to knowingly get in any trouble, as she's quite convinced I will start taking silly risks if there's trouble in my vicinity.

We can only wait and see what happens next, and hope that there isn't a backlash that just makes things worse.

Going back to more cheerful news items, this morning I typed the wonderful phrase "Guide Dogs for the Blond" in a reply to a visitor's question. It's a good thing I still read through my emails instead of just trusting spellchecker with them. Spellchecker saw nothing wrong with guide dogs for the blond. Admittedly the idea has a certain appeal, but only as humour...

And if you ever garden or do anything with plants, you will love this:

I hope that link posts okay.

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