Monday, 24 October 2011

Good omens

There have been a few times in my life when I have felt as though I was being swept up in a storm of weird coincidences.  Some of them were so bizarre that I have only told them to a select few people - those who I trust not to take the mickey out of me.  But each time this has happened, it has seemed to bring me luck. I tend to think of it as the universe nudging me; as if the Almighty, whatever you conceive Him/Her/It to be, has leaned down and given the air around me a stir, so that amazing things suddenly swirl into my ken.  So nowadays if it happens I tend to think it is a good omen; heaven is on my side, and if I run with this energy and let it galvanise me, catch Kairos by his forelock and go with him, it will bring me luck. 

This weekend I did some grocery shopping, bought a bundle of wallflowers for the front garden, and then took another deep breath and went and sent the sample chapters of "Gabriel Yeats" off to another agent.  The last items on my list of jobs were pumpkin seeds, linseeds, green tea and cashew nuts, so I then headed to my local health food store, As Nature Intended.  As I turned into the door, a tall-ish man came hurrying out carrying a bag; I sprang out of his way politely, and he caught my eye and gave me a quick grin as he passed.  And I nearly fell flat on my face with shock; because it was William Houston, the brilliant actor I would love to see playing my protagonist, Simon Cenarth, if "Gabriel Yeats" were ever to be filmed.  I feel all fluttery inside again, just remembering.  Be still my beating heart. 

I checked my shopping list again, to give myself time to close my mouth and straighten my face out, and then went on into the shop.  I fought off the urge to follow him instead and see where he went - I'm rather proud of my self-control, since I would have loved to know what he was doing in my neck of the woods!

When I'd got home, and put away my shopping, and put the wallflowers plants in a bucket of water until I could get to planting them, I was still shaking inside.  I made myself a cup of Yogi Teas "Frauentee", which I find very calming.  It was the last bag in the box (bother).  I don't know if you ever use Yogi Teas, but every tea bag has a little motto on it, rather like fortune cookie mottos (only more Buddhist).  My tea bag motto on Saturday afternoon was "Remember that the other person is yourself".  

Of course, as I was still fizzing with excitement from seeing The Man Who Should Play Simon, there was only one "other person" in my mind.  And I thought "How perfect!".  Because in the story, Simon is my alter ego; so the "other person" could indeed be said to be my self...  Please, please, lord, let it be a good omen.

The agents I've just sent "Gabriel Yeats" to are the fifth lot on the list.  They probably should have been the first, since they're quite a prestigious firm.  I didn't initially think there was any point in my approaching them at all.  But then I discovered they represent several authors I really admire, and I thought "The heck with it, why am I acting humble and 'oh-no, not-little-me"~ish about this?".  So I have given it a go with the Prestigious Firm.  Meeting Mr Houston was an enormous shock, but it has given me a real boost.  I have faith again that one day this will come together; I will get published, I will be read.  It can happen.  If I just can walk into Will Houston in a shop, just half an hour after posting GY, then anything can happen.  I am in God's hands, but it is a safe place to be.

On Sunday I planted the wallflowers, hand-washed a load of clothes, had a lovely bike ride (not going anywhere, just randomly circling local streets in the autumn sunshine), watered the garden, cooked a vegetable lasagne, and patched a pair of trousers.  A constructive weekend altogether.

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