Monday, 16 July 2012

Erratic progress...

I'm exactly halfway through the second notebook.  If they hold approximately 16,000 words each, then that means I'm roughly at the 24,000-word mark.  It's taken me precisely one month.  I guess that means my NaNoWriMo month isn't November but June-into-July (& hopefully onwards into August).  No matter.  It's making up for the collapse of my "something creative every day" project, earlier in the year, to have something like this just burning to get out.

It's maddening, really, to have to come in and do an honest day's work!  Rah, I just want to write...  The plot is unfolding itself steadily, I still like my protagonists, and I am going to have to do a lot of revising at some point because it is all coming out so fast I can't keep up.  Thorn and Carlton are about to be thrown into having to collaborate (they don't like one another very much) after the heroine gets herself into some very deep sh*t indeed.  Oh, I'm so happy when I'm in the flow like this...  Just let it come (don't bang the drum...).

I read something on facebook that recommended "listening to music you haven't heard before" as a good trigger to creativity.  It sounded a good plan.  So I played the "bonus discs" that came with some albums I've had for ages.  I know that sounds silly, but when I bought "This is the Sea" it was because I wanted to listen to "This is the Sea", not for some other stuff.  And, at least where that was concerned, I now know it was the right decision.  The bonus disc has actually diminished my respect for Mike Scott, as it makes it painfully clear he thinks everything he does is genius, including odd bits of guitar-strumming in what sounds, from the accoustic, like the bathroom.

The bonus discs of The Icicle Works re-releases, on the other hand, are revelatory.  How come tracks as brilliant as "Devil on Horseback" never made it onto regular albums?  My god, they were so f*cking good...  Chris Sharrock's drumming is awe-inspiring.  One looks at him in the band photos, and he looks like an elf-child (well, an elf with drummer's arms); but by damn, the power he could stir up when he got going.  Sheer mightiness.

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