Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Simple pleasures of this February

Sunshine on a winter day.
Getting shot by a tangerine and smelling of citrus for the rest of the day.
Owning Frankentop.
Discovering Tumblr (even if I am a bit foxed by it)
Doing some drawing again.
Knowing I am partway through chapter nine of "Gold Hawk" and the revisions are flowing well.
Meeting new interesting people.
Being able to walk home in daylight.
Remembering crying into my binoculars at “Onegin” last week.
“The Golden Cat” – finally!
Eviscerating lychees with my tongue.
Getting busier again at work.
Trade Fairs!

I love my life.


Anonymous said...

The new Onegin has come in for a bit of critical pelting, I believe. I'm off to see it a week on Saturday. Can't say I'm all that enthused about the idea of the 'doubles' (been done so many times before) but shall endeavour to keep an open mind. The last ROH staging (by Steven Pimlott) was excellent, I thought, one of Covent Garden's best.

Imogen said...

Which I didn't see, of course... Oh well.

I'm very fond of the 1980's Czech film - have you seen that? It uses actors to double an existing recording, which is probablt terribly not-done, but has its benefits. E.g. you get Stuart Burrows as a meltingly lovely Lensky, without having to cope with the fact he, uh, didn't really look the part...

Anonymous said...

Not seen the film, but I think it used the Solti recording, which I have. Stuart Burrows was a wonderful singer - but, sadly, he 'looked' nothing like his voice, an affliction that he shared with many other singers. Personally - and you won't like me for this - I think Simon Keenlyside has a rather unfortunate face but I can 'factor that out' when he's singing.

Imogen said...

Well, no-one's beautiful for everyone; and a good thing too, or, genetics being what they are, we'd all gradually come to look more or less alike as the generations passed, which would be ghastly! Hopefully the Keenlyside kids will grow up to take after their mother, who is a real beauty and has a more shapely nose than their dad. Talent, I guess they'll get from both sides...