Friday, 25 January 2013

Still don't get it...

I have been fascinated by my "Stats" ever since I discovered them; how interesting to learn that at the moment I have more readers in the US than in the UK, yet last month it was Russians who topped the leader board.  All of them looking up Ludmila Monastirska, presumably...  Yet I remain baffled by the fact that this remains my most-viewed blog post. 

It seems to glean another twenty or thirty clicks per day sometimes. Why?  It isn't interesting at all.  Or is it?  Please will someone elucidate?

Masses more typing done last night.  Happy Imogen.  And this morning I had to go right round the Gardens, putting up posters at the gates.  It was bitterly cold, but so good to be out, and see leaf buds turning pink, and snowdrops everywhere, wintersweet and witch-hazels in bloom, and bulb noses peeping through the grass.  The snow (almost all melted now) seems to have spurred all the trees and plants on.

Almost all melted, did I say?  All bar the snowmen.  I think we must have had getting on for a hundred at Kew, and they are, as is their wont, melting very slowly and in very odd shapes. It's as if a whole second exhibition of abstract sculpture had opened, running alongside the David Nash show, just for these few winter days.

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