Friday, 11 September 2009

Coming to the end of an odd week...

I'm eating my way through a packet of clotted cream fudge so calorific you could practically run a car off it, trying to beat the "Oh gods, can I cope?" feeling. Thank God It's Friday.

It's been an odd week. The weather has turned autumnal, the visitor numbers at Kew have plunged, the enquiries are getting odder again as if in preparation for winter, a helicopter is circling over Kew Green endlessly (represses urge to yell "F**k off!" out of window) and my period is late. VERY late.

I can't be pregnant. If I were pregnant, the child would have started school by now, if you see what I mean. But this means I have a f**king helicopter going round and round over my head and I am pre-menstrual as bejayzuz and I have to find civil and courteous ways to write back to the people making odd requests and enquiries. >sigh<

As I said, TGIF. With knobs on.

1. What I want to do this weekend:
Go to a party and have a great evening chatting to interesting people, drinking nice wine and eating too much.
Go to the Wetland Centre and see lovely migratory birds, and sketch and paint.
Do lots of writing.
Bake homemade bread rolls and a chocolate cake.

2. What I probably will do this weekend:
Do grocery shopping.
Pay bills.
Do my income tax return.
Tidy up the garden.

But I intend to cram at least one of list 1 into list 2, even if it takes me all weekend to do it. Take care out there!


Jules said...

1) Assume they are actually a moron, explain in as few words as posible that disabled parking spaces are reserved for those with disabilities and don't get drawn in further. resist the temptation to suggest that they break their child's leg or maybe their own.

2)Autumn colour and the POW usually works

3) Your reply made me laugh out loud. I think there's probably a standard

4) Give them the telephone number of Opuntia woman

Imogen said...

I got through them... pretty much as you suggest. Glad I've gven you a Friday laugh!
Now it's half-past four everything seems a bit more manageable...
See you!

miss*R said...

this post made me laugh!

I owned a bed & breakfast many years ago.. and the dumb questions I received when people called to enquire about the cottage..

Imogen said...

I've had about fifteen years now of customer service jobs of one kind or another, and have had some very odd enquiries in my time. It just amazes me how some people manage to run their lives at all, when I consider how chaotic and confused they seem to be a lot of the time. If I didn't laugh, I'd just get all twisted and cynical (who, me?!)...