Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Corydalis everywhere, and the undead

This lovely little plant is Corydalis lutea; it grows not just everywhere but absolutely anywhere. It grows in walls, in dust, in drains. I'm very fond of it, which is a good thing as my bit of garden in Turnham Green is full of it. Sadly not even the good old Plants for a Future database can suggest any uses for it, and they think Datura is useful (albeit with some serious provisos regarding its toxicity, hallucinogenic properties, etc).

And as for the undead: I treated myself to two "soothing and relaxing" cds at the weekend; "Sounds of the rainforest", which really is soothing; and "Sounds of the British Coastline", which is lovely for about three quarters of the time, but has several tracks that are just a little strange: for example

Track 5; Kittiwake colony. Sounds like several thousand of the Virgin Mandy all shrieking "He's not the Messiah!" at full volume.

Track 11; Manx shearwaters coming in to roost. Or possibly a symposium of asthmatic flying chain smokers.

And, best of all

Track 9; Grey seals at night. Do you know that line that comes up in the Bible at intervals, about being "cast into the outer darkness where there is wailing and knashing of teeth"? That's a grey seal colony for you. Their vocalisations are truly ghastly - I now have a mental picture of terrified sailors coming round the coast of East Anglia after dark, hearing to what sounds like the Undead in full cry off the starboard bow, and steering out into the wilds of a North Sea storm to escape.

Isn't nature wonderful...


blessingsgoddess said...

Looks like an attractive plant.

Imogen said...

It's a really lovely plant, actually - hardy, pretty, unfussy, attractive foliage and and those cheerful little flowers for about four months all through summer.

miss*R said...

I have a Cd by Medwyn Goodall.. called My Cornwall.. sounds of the Cornish coastline, just as I imagine..