Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A little bit of blue sky

As I look out of the office window I can see a small break in the cloud, and a tiny scrap of blue sky is showing through...

Sigh. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? I have got the winter-blues a bit this week.

Guernsey was beautiful, if bitterly cold. With clear skies and lashings of cold fresh air, and long walks along the coastal path, I got all the London cobwebs blown out of my head, and felt like a new woman by Sunday night. Then back to reality with the proverbial bump, of course.

Work is getting livelier by the day; now the colleague who had a breakdown last year appears to be having another one out of the blue, which places the whole department under a bit of extra pressure as we try to cover her work as well for an unspecified future period, just as the busy season starts. I wish I were back on the cold, sunny strand at Vazon Bay, with the wind in my hair and a good hot meal to look forward to.

But it doesn't do, to go wishing oneself elsewhere, or wishing oneself back in time or off away anywhere. Here and now is all we really have; here and now, with the early evening just starting to pearl the clouded sky with pink, and someone laughing in the next office, and the lovely red and yellow apple The Rox gave me sitting on my desk inviting me to eat it... Live in the moment and find what is best in it, among the simple things. Even if part of what is best in it is that it is now five-fifteen and I can pack up and go home!

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