Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Night Rain

for G.

Watching these people far below me now
Passing by quickly in the soft night rain,
I think of you, moving thus, but not as these,
Gracefully, purposefully, through the night rain.

The city is a wide-starred darkness, bright
With the jewels of broken glass and rain.
Wet cobblestones reflect each passer-by
And night buskers' music carries to me
Drifting upwards on the wind and the soft rain.

My glass of cold wine has gone to my head
And bells are ringing to call me back to my seat;
Your brief smile haunts me as I go in from the rain.

I will remember you smiling, dancing, walking
Home to your rest now through the mild spring night;
Brighter than winter, stronger than the falling rain.

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