Monday, 16 August 2010

Back to work

Last week I saw a shooting star; a Perseid, despite the urban light pollution and the hazy night! But I am feeling a bit withdrawn, and I’d much rather be at home again today. I had a very quiet weekend; read a lot, did some mending, and made five pounds of greengage jam. The rain kept me indoors a lot more than I’d planned (I got soaked on Saturday carrying my groceries home). I've finished A S Byatt’s “The Children’s Book” (terrific, but terribly sad) and am about halfway through re-reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” (which is terrific, too, but of course in a completely different way from the Byatt). Sometimes it’s good to have a really quiet patch, though; sometimes soul and body require it of one.

Back at work now, anyway; but still so tired that I’ll probably have an early night again. I want an easy supper and a good night’s sleep and a quiet day tomorrow.


miss*R said...

ya gotta laugh at some of those damn fools ... oh how we wish it were so easy to stop planes..
lucky you to see the Perseid !!
why are you feeling withdrawn? xo

Imogen said...

Nothing serious - I'm tired and I've got a touch of cystitis.

The Perseid was magical - a really SHOOTING shooting star, streaking right across the whole sky dramatically. I thrilled inside and made a wish. There's something atavistic about seeing a shooting star, pulled me back to a wild awareness of the real, physical universe, infinite distances, meteorites and all...

How are you feeling over there? Is the chaos of moving getting cleared and sorted through at all yet?