Thursday, 5 August 2010

Horoscope madness

My horoscope for today just popped into my inbox. This just may be the weirdest horoscope I've ever had...

"Is your wandering honey in Southern California, or are they off playing music or dancing, maybe on a journey of scientific discovery? Tonight or tomorrow could be a day to call or text them to remind them that you're there for them. It can't hurt. Meanwhile, back at the office, you can apply your hard-earned skills to really fire someone up, maybe even someone attractive. Swim into the depths with them a bit and see what happens. As Sag well knows, you can be loyal and have the fun of flirtation at the same time."

Come again? Am I really being urged to go out and get myself into an office flirtation? That's the most blatant bit of "advice" I've ever had in a horoscope. More fool me, I guess, for never having gotten around to cancelling it. Now, of course, my mind is boggling with imaginary scenarios involving falling in the big tropical pool in the Waterlily House and being rescued by the lovely Wes Shaw, or the ever patient Phil Griffiths... I'll end up with another crop of wild dreams at this rate. Good grief. Down, girl!

I don't have a honey, wandering or otherwise, so at least the first bit doesn't apply by any stretch of the imagination. Thank heavens for small mercies.

I was in the Waterlily House in my lunch break; it is looking stunning at the moment, with a marvellous display of Nymphaea species, mimosa and hibiscus everywhere, and great baskets of Aristolochias hanging from the ceiling. It would be criminal to fall in the pool at the moment. I might break a Victoria cruziana!

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