Friday, 13 August 2010

TGI...'s Friday. Yay, friday night...

I don't know why, but I have been really tired all day. Two coffees and a lot of teas, and still I am yawning. I feel about sixty; quite ready for retirement.

One bug-some thing; I bumped into Mr. Marinated Artichokes during my lunch hour and he frowned at me and didn't speak to me. Bother; have I been getting fresh without meaning to? I haven't told him I dreamed about him (I do have some common sense!). I should hate to lose a good professional working relationship with someone I respect and who until now have always got on with. Rats.

At least the rain seems to have stopped for the moment. I'm going home; hoping for a good weekend and that Mr. M. Artichokes has just been having a busy day and wasn't even thinking about me. I over-analyse these things, always have. Let be and let go, Imogen; and go home.

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miss*R said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Imogen xoxo