Friday, 6 January 2012


Does mending count as a creative activity, do you suppose?

I went on a Manual Handling training course this morning - which was useful and not too heavy on the grisly medical stuff.  It turns out my lifting technique was already pretty good, which is pleasing (it probably comes of having had several bad backs over the years).  But the chief way in which I distinguished myself was by splitting my trousers with a resounding ripping noise, halfway through the practical part of the training.  They weren't particularly tight or particularly old, but the main vertical seam up the bum split right the way up.  Bah!

I'm now sitting eating my lunch dressed in a scarf wrapped round my hips, and sewing.  A fetching look, especially with black ankle socks.  >sigh<

The weekend can only be better than this, anyway...

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