Wednesday, 21 November 2012

All the wrong reasons...

I read this for All The Wrong Reasons (as will become apparent if you follow the link) and have been spluttering with laughter into my hand for the last five minutes (it doesn't really do to roll on the floor hooting out loud while you're at the office, even if it is your lunch break). 

Do take a look: It's clever, witty, and splendidly, unashamedly mean about what does sound like an awesomely bad bit of novel-writing; and it features some very appealing gifs...  I love the term "alphole", too.  Is Gabriel Yeats an alphole, I wonder?  He's certainly an arrogant moron, after all.

All lust and laughter aside, the thought that people publish writing like this gives me hope that I might get published one day.  At least my plots make sense (well, for fantasies, that is) and my characters have character - and motivation, for that matter; and at least I have a sense of the ridiculous. 

While I'm on the subject of being ridiculous, how about The Crush of the Moment for Simon Cenarth?  In that putative dreamed-of film version of the magnum opus that hasn't even been published.  He can sing and play the piano, after all.  He would need to do a passable British accent, but that's why it's called acting, isn't it? 

Yes, definitely I'm being ridiculous.  It's my Magnum Opus and I'll make jokes about it if I want to.

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