Friday, 9 November 2012

Thinking about 2013

This week I spent a happy evening after work drafting a home-made calendar for next year.

I found when I moved in May that my wall calendar was one of the very few things I could not accommodate in any sensible (i.e. useable) way.  There are no hooks on the walls, or nails in the walls, no picture rail, and nowhere to put up a pin board; so, nowhere to hang my calendar. 

I bluetacked it to the wall, but it was too heavy, and kept dropping off with a crash at odd moments.  Including the inevitable middle-of-the-night crash.  Shriek, thrash about, sit up, bang head on cupboard.  Bah, that's not on.

So I disemboweled it, and have been sticking up individual 1-month sheets.  It works, in a rough and ready way, but when you've removed the staples and separated a calendar into individual sheets, sometimes the picture that comes with a month is rather unsuitable for that month (snowdrops in August and so forth).  They're still lovely pictures, but it looks stupid sometimes.

I was thinking rather crossly that maybe I would have to manage without one next year.  But then it hit me that I could make my own, and print it on light-weight paper that wouldn't crash to the floor.  Ah-ha!

It took about ten minutes to do the grids and fill them in.  And then I had a nice mooch in Google images, and one or two other places online, and made up a selection of pictures.  I'm going to be alternating Greek islands (and beaches I want to swim from) with food, plants and handsome men.  Since they're all loose-leaf pages, I can change the images around every week - even every day if I want. Or put up two or more at a time.  I can mix and match; Renner with cherries, McRae with scarlet buckeye leaves, Stepanek with Antipaxos...  Have Crete with the cherries.  Thassos with daffodils.  Renner with daffodils.  Heavens, the possibilities are endless.  Happy, silly Dent.

Luckily I don't have Photoshop, or the possibilities really would be endless.

If anyone would like to borrow the grids, and then make up their own image selection, let me know and I can copy them to you.  It's easy, cheap and can be custom-made to your personal tastes.  Maybe I should go into business? - the Dent patent loose-leaf customised pick-your-personal-porn calendar.  What do you think?

Writing update; last night I wiped out the Big Evil Bad Guy.  Oof, got there.  Now I only have a couple of scene to do, and I'm done.  Apart from the revisions.  And typing up.

It's been a fun ride, and to my amusement I can see sequel possibilities.  How daft is that?! 

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