Friday, 16 November 2012

Busy happy bee...

It's all go.  I love it when it's all go; at least until I fall apart with tiredness.  Haven't reached that stage yet, though.

Finished writing "Gold Hawk", first draft, and have begun on revisions.  Went to a terrific Royal Ballet triple bill and a terrific play.  Went to the first rehearsal for the Kew Christmas choir.  Had a blood sample taken (actually that wasn't much fun, but then it never is; c'est la vie).  Booked a week in Cyprus for my birthday. Discovered that the delicious vegetarian dish called Civilised Swede is better if you don't put it through the blender. Had a cool idea at work and got the go-ahead to work on it (to start with it involves compiling a large spreadsheet, which is boring boring boring, but I hope it will be worthwhile in the end).

And I've got on fine so far with the "500 calories a day, 2 days per week" diet.  I'm finding it's surprisingly easy to make it work and it doesn't lead to horrible feelings of deprivation.  I was very happy to see this post on Helena Halme's blog, outlining exactly the same eating system and giving some useful tips to make it work.  Clearly I have a way to go, but unlike every other diet I've ever tried I am not already thinking "wtf am I doing, life is too short for this misery..."  So am hopeful, for now.

The ballet was a mixed bill of new + fairly-new pieces by wunderkinds Liam Scarlett, Wayne McGregor and Christopher Wheeldon.  Three fantastic young choreographers, all at the top of their game.  Three fantastic modern-but-deeply-rooted ballets; each one abstract but with a core of emotional sincerity; each with a fine pas de deux, or a series of them, as the central image.  The middle item in particular, a revival of McGregor's best piece "Infra", absolutely knocked my socks off.  And a host of my favourite dancers were in action the night I went.  Good to see the RB get off to a fine start this season, then!

The play was the revival of "Constellations", transferring from the Royal Court to the dinky little Duke of York's Theatre in St Martin's Lane.  Wow.  A really fascinating, thought-provoking play, both funny and deeply moving - but moving without being simply press-your-buttons-emotive.  I'm still toying with it in my mind and taking delight in remembering the skilful and touching performances of Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins.  It's a gift for the actors, though I'm sure it would be horribly tricky to learn!  Have a dream US cast in mind, of course!  >sigh<

Choir practice went well, and it looks as though I'll spend the carol service in my usual state of nervous tension, wondering if I can keep to my own vocal line and not digress up into the soprano line (which does sound v odd in an alto) or down to join the tenors (which seems to take them aback badly).

And feeling really rather happy and excited about making steady headway on the latest magnum opus.  I'd like to finish revisions before I go to Paphos if possible, so that I can relax and do s*d all for a week; just walk and swim and look at archeological sites, and drink brandy sours!

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