Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I've just signed a tenancy agreement on a new place.  I then had tea with my nice new landlady in her lovely green garden.  Yes, it's the very first place I went to see; it came through.

So I'm sorted, and I'll be moving in next week.

Hugely relieved.

Then went and had a celebratory pizza with my darling stepmum Jane, who'd been at Kew for the day enjoying the Plantasia festival.

And the sun has shone today, and Kew is beautiful and full of roses. 

I feel, for the first time in ages, that maybe things are going to come out okay.


Pasha Selim said...

Just got back from WNO's Moses Und Aron in Birmingham to receive this news. So happy for you!

M U A is at theGarden later this month. See it if you can: you may not get another chance!

Imogen said...

Very happy and relieved at the situation. New place is lovely and new landlady likewise.
I think I'll skip the Schoenberg if I've got the money, though, as it clashes with one of my big annual treats, WOMAD at Charlton Park.
Go well and have a good Midsummer weekend...

Anke said...

Belated congratulations on the new place! After my recent flat hunt and move, I really know how wonderful it is to have found a place that feels nice.

Imogen said...

Anke, hello! Where have you two moved-to now? I hope life is treating you well, and the new home is happy and comfortable, and has enough room! Garden? Balcony? Space for books, music, cooking equipment? I hope you've got everything you want!