Monday, 16 June 2014

Taking a break

I have two promising viewings lined up, one for tomorrow evening (after supper out with The Dipterist to hear about her idyllic camping holiday and be envious) and one at the weekend.  Both places look and sound good, and are within budget and within easy reach of work. 

I've also gained a viable fall-back position today, in the form of a lovely colleague in Twickenham, who has offered me a short let of her spare room for a couple of months, while I go on looking.

I did have fall-back positions, kind-of, already.  But one was in Colliers' Wood, well over an hour away, and the other in Brighton.  Both lovely places - and dear & generous friends to make the offer - but painful commutes nonetheless.  Twickenham is about 35-40 minutes by bike (it would be less if I were a better cyclist!) and probably a bit less by train and tube.  And it's a pleasant neck of the woods, too.  Knowing I can take refuge there with Nikki while I carry on searching takes a big weight off my mind.

Now I'm going to have an evening off the computer; have a glass of wine with my supper, have a chat to my Mum, and then if there's nothing frivolous on the tele-box I shall watch a film.  Now all I have to do is decide which dvd!

Cross your fingers for me!

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