Monday, 8 October 2012

Oy, what a miserable wet day!

The weekend was so lovely, with crisp mornings and bright autumnal sunshine.  Leaves are turning and asters and dahlias and Sedum spectabile are blooming.  Squirrels were out gathering nuts.  Nerines are in bud, and everywhere you go in Kew Gardens, you can spot little clumps of autumn-flowering cyclamen peeping through leaf litter or out from rock crevices. 

But today it has chucked down rain, completely ignoring the BBC and the met office, who insist it’s an overcast but dry day.  Hi there, Beeb/Met folks, you’re wrong.   It is a classic rainy Monday, and I’m feeling blue.    

I shouldn’t be blue.  I got my tax return done this weekend and I baked bread (albeit rather solid bread – haven’t made any for a while and seem to have lost my baker’s touch), and I wrote some more, and got my protagonists into the first stage of the final stretch.  They are now both inside the place that’s going to get blown up in a bit.  Anna has managed to rescue two friends, though she had to do something rather mean to one of them to get him to agree to leave.  Thorn has met something extremely unpleasant in a stairwell, and on escaping from that has walked smack into the villain and his cohorts.  And I’ve left them staring at one another in a mutual “Oh sh*t” moment, and come in to work.

On the down side, though, besides the rain, I have a really weird sensation in my throat – as if there were a lump in there.  No pain, and I can’t feel any actual lump; I just have this swollen feeling all the time.  It’s actually very uncomfortable.  If it doesn’t clear up I shall have to go to the doc.  Rats!  I hate having to go to the doc.

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