Thursday, 25 October 2012

Slowly slowly

Writing update: For those who are interested to know, I'm slowly working my way through the destruction of the Droit Institute.  I'm not exactly enjoying this stage of the development, and I suspect I may be over-writing something rotten.  But I've known from early on that this particular story would require extensive revision, so I'm going to tackle the de-purpling of the purple prose at the same time as I come to that.  For now I just want to finish the blowing-stuff-up bit.

I've managed so far to knock down the main wing; the lecture theatre and all the seminar rooms have been reduced to rubble.  I was visualising this part looking like my old art college, a sort-of mini-Bauhaus of glass façades and cool grey corridors.  I like that style of architecture but I'm sorry to have to report that I have none the less blasted the fictional version to pieces just about as thoroughly as I could.  Two characters are trapped under the rubble, but neither is badly hurt (owing to their "special powers", whoo) and being very capable sorts they are now digging their way out.  Someone else is about to go into the neighbouring annexe where the main lab is, which is still standing; and get in trouble there. This is where I'll be making the most of the Dipgeek's tips on what-not-to-do with an MRI scanner.

Slowly slowly; but making progress.

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