Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Slightly different worries...

I like to look at my blogger statistics occasionally (now that I know how to), though it tends to cause me more puzzlement than anything else. 

At the moment I'm rather puzzled to find that a lot of people have been looking at this post recently.  It dates back about two years, and was basically a prolonged whinge about work; to be precise, about feeling overworked. At the time, the whole team I was in was under pressure, and it was beginning to tell on all of us; I was venting my tiredness and frustration.  I didn't think, when I wrote it, that there was anything wrong in having a grumble about the situation and how tired and stressed we all were.  But now I'm having a wee moment of panic, in case someone at work has been reading it and I am going to be ticked off for unprofessionalism, bringing Kew into disrepute, etc. 

I'm really not sure what the correct etiquette is on such matters.  Is it unprofessional to say where I work at all? - should I instead be referring heavy-handedly to having a job in a "world-famous botanical garden in west London"? (Hmm - the acronym for that is wfbgwl.  I rather like wfbgwl.  It sounds welsh, and possibly rather rude).  But seriously, that seems a ludicrous piece of overkill.  I love this place and I'm proud of working here.  Yes; proud.  My battered Kew staff fleece is the only uniform I've ever had that I have been proud to wear (I'm not the sort that would have joined the armed forces anyway).  The last thing I want to do is bring Kew into disrepute. 

On the other hand, another of the last things I want is to get a bollocking at work.

>sigh<  Let's hope I'm just being silly and paranoid.  Am more than capable of both, goodness knows.

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