Monday, 26 May 2014

Holiday plans, and afterwards...

I'm getting packed, although truth to tell it's rather chaotic, and am off in the middle of the night on my trip to to Kefalonia.  It has rained in London pretty much without ceasing, all day today; I cannot wait for my week away from the Great British Climate.  I have two fat novels and two notebooks, and a camera, so between reading, writing, and photography I'll have plenty to occupy my mind when I am not walking or swimming or relaxing under a tree, or drinking freshly-squeezed orange juice or cold white wine...

When I get back, I'll find out the latest about the changes at work, I expect, and I will have some decisions to make about my writing, and (unless I'm frantically trying to find a new job, which gods forbid) I'll be trying to be more sociable.  I seem to have seen very little of my friends of late; I've been so miserably tired, and frequently depressed, that I tend to scuttle home and shut the door quickly each evening.  I've been wondering about trying to organise a group outing of some kind, maybe to a Prom or one of the Somerset House open-air cinema screenings, or perhaps to the theatre - though I suspect I may be the only one of my friends who feels a yen towards Titus Andronicus (I confess I am partly tempted by the prospect of William Houston covered in gore! - but it's also a weird and powerful play that I haven't seen since I was at school, and I can imagine its subject matter is apt to the times in some ways...).

Anyway, I hope to return from Hellas restored in mind, body and spirit, if that isn't asking too much.  Goodness knows I need to be. 

I hope this finds anyone reading it well and happy - have a good week, wherever you are!  

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