Tuesday, 20 May 2014


It seems to me now
That this story
Has reached a crux
And I don’t know
Where it will go.

There are so many
Paths it could take.
There’s the version
Where one of them dies,
The version where they all die,
And the version
Where the good guys win,
The invaders are defeated, and
True love conquers all.
Nobody dies in that one.

There’s the alternative
Universe, where
He’s really an alien
And the rest are zombies
And they eat one another’s brains.
There’s the one where they all
Learn to do magic
And lay down their lives
Fighting the enemy.
And the universe where
They never meet at all.

There’s the story where
Love is true, but it’s
Unrequited, or
Unwise, or unwittingly ill-given;
There’s the love
Between friends, between
Siblings, between lovers, comrades,
Like-minds, and
Between those who can
Never even touch.  There’s
Love, and there’s death.

These are all stories.
Maybe in ours
No-one is ever going
Even to speak
The first line of the play.
Maybe this story is all
Pinteresque silence,
Blindness and regret.
Or maybe this will be
The one where all my scenes
Were cut, or the one
Where you and I
Were written out
Before rehearsals began.

I’m waiting
I’m waiting for my cue
But I don’t know the scene we’re in
Or what part anyone plays.
I don’t know if you
Will fight at my side
Or put up your sword and
Turn away in embarrassment.
I don’t know if my friends
Are the heroes or the enemy,
Or even the zombies.
I’m lost in here
And the story rolls on.

Is this the way it ends, then?
The crux of the plot
A crucial scene
Between the characters
Who matter; the commanders
Their captains-at-arms, and
You, their champion.
And I sit in the back room
Worrying, and am
Forgotten about
While others nurse the heroes’ wounds
After the battle is won.

It seems to me now
This story could go
Completely off the rails
Or come home happy
Or, just end.
Who knows? – but
All I want now is
Just to get it over with.
So leave me alone, in peace
Let me turn the pages
And see.

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