Monday, 15 February 2010

A few more signs of spring...

The huge wisteria at the back of the main admin building is being pruned (big scaffold on wheels like a stage tower, team of four gardeners with wicked mega secateurs, trimmings falling everywhere) so I went out of the side gate to go round to the Orangery for my lunch. So I got to check on a few more areas, and saw the following further tiny signs of spring:
Cyclamen coum - masses of them, in purple and Schiaparelli pink, smothering the ground under a big Atlas cedar.
Clematis cirrhosa covered in delicate pearl grey bell-flowers.
The very first plucky (but possibly crazy) Scilla siberica (see pic).
Witch hazels, wintersweet and Lonicera fragrantissima all flowering their socks off against the high brick wall of the Cambridge Cottage Garden, wafting their strong perfumes (respectively sharp and dry, vaguely chemically-clean, and of limoncello liqueur) into the raw, cold air.
Male pigeons (pushy) and male Canada geese (noisy) trying to persuade female pigeons and geese that Love is in the Air, Yeah, Baby; coo-coo-roo, honk-honk honk...
oh, and the Alpine House is an absolute picture at the moment.

Pity the sky is so grey and the temperature skirting along just above zero. I watch out like a spy for these signs of spring, and cherish every one, even if it is cold or wet or threatening to snow again...

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