Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wonderful, the things people are concerned about…

I’ve just noticed that the Odeon at Whiteleys is screening a filmed performance of the Royal Ballet in Kenneth Macmillan’s “Mayerling” next Monday evening – I’m thinking of going (especially as Edward Watson is dancing Rudolph, yum – and yes, I know that’s a fairly kinky yum). But I loved the caveat posted on Odeon Cinemas’ website: “Warning: Contains a scene of suicide, a bordello scene and smoking”. Don’t take your ballet mad little daughter to this, she might see a cigarette

Funny how they omit to mention that “Mayerling” also contains a fair quantity of Macmillan’s signature balletic sex, including a pretty frightening rape, as well as intravenous drug use and a scene in which the main character practically gets it on with his mother... Ah, but smoking is serious.

Still, if it’s Mr Watson doing it, whether it’s smoking, having copious amounts of ballet-sex or shooting himself, I’d like to watch. As I said, it’s a kinky yum.

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