Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fabulous Frank!

Frankentop arrived yesterday; I think he enjoyed the piano recital (I did, anyway) and when I got home I sat him on the desk and turned him on. 

Perhaps I should drop the anthropomorphism; the above sounds a heck of a lot livelier than it really was. 

Frank is a larger, younger laptop than the previous one, and considerably handsomer, and he has some nice new gadgets (like an entry system for something called a "drop box cloud", which also sounds a bit lively, now I'm thinking that way).  He's not the fastest computer I've met but he works hard, and I will be very happy learning to live with him (aargh, anthropomorphising again. Sorry). 

I also acquired a very lovely new woolly hat; yay.

And this blog is, incredibly, on its 19,999th hit.  Good grief, what?  That's so crazy.  People are actually reading my ramblings - or at least, opening them and then saying "No, that's not what I wanted, that's some rambling Englishwoman with a bum-fetish, Renner-fetish, ballet-fetish dirty mind, I wanted real porn..."

So, anyway, if anyone reads this, I'll go over twenty thousand.  Toot toot!!


brin mcardle said...

Hi there....I have a piece of ceramic on copper by Evelyn Livesey

brin mcardle said...

Imogen said...

How lovely for you - what is it like?