Saturday, 19 January 2013


It snowed, as we were promised, all of Friday, but today we've had relatively little, though the forecast was for more all day.  London being London, the roads and most of the pavements have mostly been gritted and salted, and are largely clear now, and as a result it's gone from being the pretty, white, crisp, fun kind of snow to being the grey, sludgey kind that is neither beautiful nor enjoyable.  Still, at least I've managed to get some grocery shopping done, and get to an internet café to buy some ballet and opera tickets (Covent Garden are doing Britten's "Gloriana" in the summer, yippee!).  If it had gone on snowing solidly all day today as well, I doubt if I would have left the house.

I'm struggling a bit, writing-wise; the Dipgeek, being as she is Ein Engel, has promised to set me up with one of her speciality cannibalised/rebuilt laptops, to replace the Old Lady, who has pretty much conked out.  She even knows how to keep the Old Lady's hard drive useable, through some bizarre shenanigans involving the computer equivalent of putting a brain in a jar (I am tempted to rename The Dipgeek Dr Hhffuurfhurr - except that I can't spell it, what a surprise!). 

But I don't know if there's any point in going on writing on the Old Lady, in case the brain-in-a-jar system doesn't work after all.  It would be madly frustrating to have voluntarily increased the amount of material I couldn't access.

I shouldn't doubt my friends, should I?  However, in the meantime, the sequel possibilities for "Gold Hawk" are simmering away nicely.  Maybe it's best if they simmer until done.  I've bought some more A5 notebooks in the hope of getting started on Volume 2, potentially to be called "The Midwinter Sacrifice", soon.  Then Vol 3 will be called "Lyonesse". How strange the simmerings of the creative juices are; I know the plots and which characters are going to come back, and when, and who is going to appear for the first time.  On top of this, the three little bits of fanfic I was palying with have all gone rather well; two are finished and a longish one is almost done. 

I wish there were more hours in the day; or that I could do without sleep altogether; or that I didn't need to work at all (which would be best!).  Something like that, anyway.  I wish I could write full-time.

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