Monday, 21 January 2013

Possibly no more snow?

It snowed all day yesterday and for at least a chunk of the night (it was still coming down when I went to bed at 11.30).  But so far today there has been no more snowfall, and I think the temperature may have gone just a fraction above freezing this afternoon.  The BBC are promising no more for now, so I hope they're right.  I'm sorry, but I have reached the age where my first thought on seeing snow is "sprained ankle!" rather than "snowfight!". 

If I had someone to have a snowfight with, I might feel differently, of course.  Or time off to go trekking through it properly, somewhere rural, with good solid warm clothes and boots on, and hot chocolate at the end.  Preferably hot choc with maple syrup in...

I've been struggling - really struggling, to an embarrassing degree - with a small extra scene needed for chapter four of "Gold Hawk".  Four minor characters are talking, so it's nothing very serious, but I need to get across their different feelings about their situation, and I'm simply battling with it, and I don't know why...  Grr, the creative juices are odd things at times.  Maybe the Muse also doesn't like the snow.

So I ended up, on Sunday, doing a whole bunch of useful procrastination jobs; cleaning, washing machine, tidying stuff, re-threading beads, cooking risotto; and finishing a very peculiar novel by Sheri S Tepper, which I had previously almost made my mind up not to bother finishing.  That should tell you just how peculiar it was, since normally Tepper, even at her most sky-high loony, keeps me caught with her narrative drive.  She only gets things really right about one book in ten, for my money, but since that has led to "Grass", "The Family Tree", "The Gate to Women's Country" and "Gibbons Decline and Fall", all of which are terrific, I feel I have to keep giving her a chance.  But the book I've been reading, "The Waters Rising" is a frightful mess, to be honest.

Came in to work this morning to discover the Dipgeek is hoping to give me the "new" hot-rodded Frankenstein-laptop on Wednesday.  Hurrah; I should not doubt my friends. 

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